September 11, 2009     This site was last updated in 2007 (I guess I never thought about including the years with my dates), and has since been neglected. I do upload my photos elsewhere, and I still caption them, but I only use this address to host images for my own linking/records.

October 16     I believe this is an Osprey... it lives 5 minutes from home at the Brandywine Airport
October 15     my sister and brother-in-law touching down...
October 14     a pleasant portion of I-80... in the wrong direction
October 13     apparently Pyrex does not survive on the stove... Oh well, you live, you learn.
October 12     I took this shot through my windshield as I flew down the highway underneath this aviator
October 11     the fungus was back at Grove City, and bigger/brighter than ever!
October 10     I must admit... I'm pretty envious of this guy...
October 9     Dr. Jewel (our college president and resident Colonel Sanders look-a-like) makes an appearance along with the first lady
October 8     How, exactly, do you convince 3-year-olds to throw candy from a float? I would think that they wouldn't be able to part with it...
October 7     part of the Beta Sigma float (we placed 2nd)
October 6     the homecoming court gets a healthy dose of Manahannos (one of my mentorees was crowned homecoming king)
October 5     this weekend was Grove City's homecoming... here's part of their brass section during half-time of the big game
October 4     the most basic of sunsets... but still beautiful
October 3     Science Teacher parking lot...
October 2     I ordered a bunch of magnets online... these could be used to make fun creations
October 1     these are absolute life-savers.

September 30     Bella and I were having some communication issues over which seat was hers.
September 29     stuck in traffic
September 28     I took this shot to prove to people that we really do call them hoagies... but when I was resizing it, I noticed the venue nextdoor. Who names their poor child, "Kitty"?
September 27     a scrumptious looking dill
September 26     Ben nearly dove into the road to avoid getting eaten by this guy...
September 25     I was on the wrong side of a "No Trespassing" sign when I took this one...
September 24     Ben showed me this reservoir that was near my place...
September 23     retaining wall and a dead stump
September 22     Wow, this car is even wider than mine!
September 21     Does each tunnel have a completely separate list of restrictions? Are truck-drivers supposed to read each of the details as they fly by?
September 20     my whiteboard, yesterday
September 19b     from the back you can see that they weren't even the exact same shirt
September 19     another angle of the beautiful coordination first showcased here on July 11
September 18     Nigel wasn't always the most productive on the site, but he was making a good effort here
September 17     part of our stellar build-team supervisors... hard at work
September 16     some air by the Pacific Ocean
I received some extra photos from Mexico, just now...
September 15     I put up some shnazzy new mirrors in my apartment
September 14     I never thought that I'd see the word "dredged" used to positively describe food...
September 13     not your everyday street-vendor combination
September 12     cliche, but comical
September 11     these were at least 17 times less gross than the ice cream
September 10     Pumpkin Mushroom Ice Cream... those chunks are frozen mushrooms
September 9     No, thats not a sponge...
September 8     this weekend was the annual Kennett Square mushroom festival, downtown
September 7     following a slug...
September 6     a pleasant open field
September 5     each of the little white specks was a separate insect... the air was thick with them. It was disgusting
September 4     I believe these are Petunias?
September 3     a hip-shot I took as I walked out of the school
September 2     2 birds and some water
September 1     Accidentally, I entered into a staring contest with this fellow... I don't want to talk about who won...

August 31     some day... ?
August 30     where would I be without my thermal paste?
August 29     although she may be getting up in the years, my processor is still pretty
August 28     when your motherboard dies, you have to make a mess to replace it
August 27     not exactly a new photo, but certainly a new presentation
August 26     my new living room in my West Chester apartment
August 25     stuck in a traffic jam with no air conditioning
August 24     This... is the classroom I'll be teaching in!
August 23     all ready to be shipped out
August 22     Portobello mushrooms being grown on a mushroom farm (Kennett Square, where I teach, is the mushroom capital of the world)
August 21     little Jeff reels in a big one.
August 20     they tried to fill me in with the latest fashion tips at the dentist
August 19     but later on, I snuck up on them and caught them offguard
August 18     they practically swarmed me...
August 17     I took a wrong turn and ended up in Philly...
August 16     the front of the high school where I am now officially a full-time Physics Teacher
August 15     Swallowtail butterfly
August 14     His name is Ringo.
August 13     Bee of a flower
August 12     Duckwing Dark
August 11     steaming compost... on a 65-degree afternoon
August 10     blowing pie out my pie-hole
August 9     apparently, I'm not quite in touch with what is going on...
August 8     X marks the spot
August 7     her cat got stuck... in the ceiling
August 6     My sister's creative use of a wine-rack thinger
August 5     speaking of different sizes... rainbows!
August 4     we had some issues with getting the right sized shirts.
August 3     Dave takes "Double-stuf Oreos" to the next level... ok, way beyond the next level.
August 2     an emerging Cicada
August 1     Sunken feather

July 31     Royal remnant (I didn't do it!... I found it)
July 30     I recently learned that white corn is completely unheard of in some parts of the country.
July 29     I never realized that these needed to be washed annually... but apparently they do
July 28     DVD vs. microwave
July 27     Jess shows her affinity for Muenster.
July 26     You're never too old to play videogames
July 25     they found me.
July 24     working my shift at starbucks
July 23     low shot of a creek
July 22     Beware the Frialator.
July 21b     I got wet
July 21     some water was spilled, but...
July 20     Jess levitates a dodgeball
July 19     back at Rider University, Rob guides Cody safely across the street
July 18     This was the scene at a rest stop... no one seemed terribly concerned
July 17     the view from the house I stayed in on a Mexican ranch
July 16     Marisa and I in Mexico (we're a hot item, in case you were wondering)
July 15     we counted 12 of these guys in one night (Black Widows)
July 14     and this guy was on the porch when I was walking back one night
July 13     this little guy was on my bag when I came back from the build site
July 12     big beetle
July 11b     my favorite hammer... the Antivibe
July 11     unplanned coordination
July 10b     the grandfather, youngest child, cat, and a dog
July 10     6 people, 2 dogs, and a cat were living in this trailer, before we built them a house
July 9     fixing a flat on the van
July 8     Mexican flower (on a cactus-like thing on the side of the road)
July 7     Mexican limes
July 6     The Cyber-Net!... now available in Mexico!
July 5     when your power steering and power brakes completely fail, parking becomes difficult
July 4     driving around the San Diego airport in a 15-passenger van
July 3     parrot on a guitar
July 2b     piehawk
July 2     Jess gets pied.
July 1     Sawy gets wet

June 30     these two were practicing the art of "How Not to Be Seen"
June 29     megaphone
June 28     I really enjoy sunsets
June 27     checking in some campers at Rider University
June 26     for all your evacuation-assistance needs?
June 25     now this would be a fun job!
June 24     stigma
June 23     how much more southern can you get?
June 22     my grandparents from South Carolina :)
June 21     a "blackwater" creek in Conway, SC
June 20     another peeker
June 19b     same guy, different shade, peeking out
June 19     brown lizard
June 18     deep purple
June 17     It really was tempting...
June 16     Same jump, different scenery
June 15     Bird of Paradise
June 14b     from a different angle...
June 14     sunset over water
June 13     Descent.
June 12     I didn't notice the name of this little beach... but we pulled our mopeds over for a bit, here.
June 11b     closer shot of the center
June 11     fountain made out of anchors
June 10     standing in the ocean and looking down at the clear water
June 9c     Wave 3 at Horseshoe Bay
June 9b     Wave 2 at Horseshoe Bay
June 9     Wave 1 at Horseshoe Bay
June 8     ready for takeoff
June 7c     and one more shot from the same place
June 7b     more of Tobacco Bay
June 7     "Tobacco Bay"
June 6b     and eventually docked again
June 6     the boat went through the town...
June 5b     and there is our boat sailing away in the distance (really... its our boat!)
June 5     This was called "Achilles Bay"
June 4b     were for our even more vicious looking mopeds.
June 4     These vicious looking helmets...
June 3b     with some trespassers in the early-dawn light
June 3     An unfinished church...
June 2     Snail.
June 1     Sea anenome

May 31     Flower.
May 30     Rawr!
May 29     Where I go to chill.
May 28     sometimes it is hard to describe good sunsets
May 27b     speed hump ahead
May 27     dandelion
May 26     Horseshoe crab (he was plenty alive)
May 25     Ohhhhhh, banana!
May 24     a shirtless wonder is off to save the day!
May 23     extremely hazardous
May 22     Grand Excursion to Canada
May 21     old typewriter
May 20     graduating Betas
May 19     right before the big walk
May 18b     Yum.
May 18     the sunset after Baccalaureate almost cast a scholarly glow upon us... almost.
May 17     pulling the tree down with my toes
May 16     Corbin = Ambitious.
May 15     a look across the creek
May 14     Green Leaves
May 13     this sunset was also not too bad
May 12     White, flowery tree in front of Ketler as the sun comes up
May 11     Bee on plaid.
May 10b     in he goes!
May 10     Creekin' Campbell
May 9     having some fun with my students on my last day of teaching
May 8     A decent sunset
May 7     my roommate, Brian, knocks one deep
May 6     After 8 semesters on the FM airwaves, we sign off one last time.
May 5     it has been too long since I posted one of these
May 4     Ross and Matt going by
May 3     Fraternity Zippos
May 2     puppy got a little friendly with Joe
May 1     Ah ha!

April 30     Van de Graaf generators
April 29     Smooooke on the water, and fire in the sky...
April 28     For some reason, I saw this spot in the middle of the city and envisioned a grand concert playing there under the highway
April 27     Dreadlocks in the making
April 26     Just a friendly neighborhood game of cornhole
April 25     They can feel the love tonight?
April 24     An intense battle unfolds
April 23     The sun has come out and the campus is looking great
April 22     a show under the stars
April 21     Lux Mea
April 20     mail gets delivered here when it is coming to me
April 19     I should put rainspouts like this on my house someday.
April 18     this hanging thing was used for decoration
April 17     I'm having trouble visualizing how this is used for communication. Maybe you lift it to let up smoke-signals?
April 16     Half-mast.
April 15     still no sign of leaves on a lot of these trees
April 14     bang, bang
April 13     These "wishies" are looking to throw off all that hinders them and resume their magical course
April 12     Snow in the city.
April 11     When crossing the border, I made sure to 'declare' the hat I was taking back with me (it was on my head)
April 10     A beautiful old church and.... Madonna.
April 9     Taylor the Cow invades Canada?
April 8     If you want to find the cops, donut shops are a fantastic place to look... even in Canada!
April 7b     a highly reflective building in the city
April 7     the city of Toronto, as viewed from the frigid Ward's Island
April 6     Driftwood isn't supposed to be coated in a thick layer of ice... if you ask me.
April 5     Jeff pulls away from the crowd behind him...
April 4     a Syracuse sunrise
April 3     Just some trees.
April 2     the Betas won the IF basketball championship game
April 1     amazingly... this is an actual shop... not an April fool's joke.

March 31     It looks like God took the 'smear' tool and applied it to this early sunset.
March 30     Cat's eye.
March 29     nature-ee stuff
March 28     Reflections on deceleration
March 27     Sunlight hits pavement.
March 26     A rolling field.
March 25     This tree was in disrepair... but it still was pleasing. I know some people like that.
March 24     mossy roots.
March 23     how very four-tunate!
March 22     this happened while I was teaching one day...
March 21c     I really like how the water is overflowing over the side in this one
March 21b     closeup of one of the streams of water in a splash
March 21     Ok, I lied.
March 20b     and... last one I'll put up of the splashes
March 20     more fun with splashing...
March 19     my date and I at my fraternity formal
March 18     nickel splash.
March 17b     same sunset... a few minutes later
March 17     a beautiful sunset
March 16     This box is pre-approved for rattling.
March 15     Truck of logs.
March 14     the eclipsing moon
March 13     this came out pretty clear, considering I was driving at roughly 70mph when I took it.
March 12     open road behind me...
March 11     captured this sunset while driving down the highway
March 10     I got to practice with my old ska band last week
March 9     I've never met these people and they don't know that I took their picture
March 8     water on a stick (similar to March 1)
March 7     where would this site be without sunsets?
March 6     snowy rocks
March 5     water rushing down a hillside amidst the snow/sun
March 4b     This one isn't.
March 4     This one is comparable to the photo from May 12, 2006...
March 3     I really liked the top of this stump
March 2b     in neat formations that Jeff can play in.
March 2     And sometimes it freezes, too...
March 1     Ice melts.
Maybe I'll take this day and start up again?

December 9     sun pillars are a rare treat
December 8     crooked shot of a very bright sun
December 7c     snow angel while I'm down there
December 7b     sliding to a halt
December 7     in he goes!
December 6     this morning's sunrise
December 5     its about time we get some snow around here!
December 4     they weren't posing... really... ;)
December 3c     and just generally having a good time...
December 3b     messing around with the camera's self-timer...
December 3     a couple of us were jumping around in the racquetball courts...
December 2     the guys in my dance
December 1     My dance partner, Chantel, and I

November 30     volleyball game timeout... (I bet you can't pick out my feet!)
November 29     Looking down on a dance
November 28     shrimp and veggies
November 27     I rode my bike by this house and just loved the way it looked
November 26     starring through the rubble
November 25     its just a hunch, but I don't think anyone was home.
November 24     The light of things hoped for...
November 23     I made those!
November 22     check out this amazing apple peeler... what will they think of next?
November 21     playing Wii in the movie theater!
November 20     another sunset... this one from the roof (with my old camera... hence the shmutz on the lens)
November 19     it was certainly worth the wait
November 18     and wii wait...
November 17     a zoomed-in sunset
November 16     the cat rolling around
November 15     this gives me power
November 14     I feel like I have a picture similar to this from years ago... but I don't know
November 13     potpourri
November 12     an old barn at dusk (the lighting at dusk makes everything more dramatic)
November 11     dead corn
November 10     a deer at 4am (taken from a moving car)
November 9     ... at long last!
November 8     wildflowers
November 7     sunset through a relatively barren tree
November 6     along the forest edge
November 5     twisted dualism.
November 4     I only wish I could take credit for this vandalism.
November 3     mother would have wanted it this way?
November 2     rock on.... water.
November 1     kind of creepy, maybe?

October 31b     For a Halloween treat... how about a trip back 21 years?... don't worry, I won't make a habit of this.
October 31     pondering the blue...
October 30     oh, the complexities of Jenga.
October 29     Rob's coming out, so you better get this party started
October 28     empty bench
October 27     scenic old barn
October 26     overhanging red leaves
October 25     same trees as october 23, different angle, excellent rays
October 24     this tree has nostrils?
October 23     midst the pines
October 22     leaves gathering on the tracks
October 21     an autumn drive.
October 20     leaves fall, water shivers
October 19     baby.
October 18     every year I enjoy watching the color changes of this tree, especially.

Let me take this special occasion to point out the various links at the top of the website. I never really announced that they were there. Feel free to use them!

Here we are at the 3 year mark... with 1207 photos linked to below this.
October 17     what better way to celebrate than with a breathtaking sunset?
October 16     completely unaltered... the sky actually looked like this. This was taken in some crazy intermittent rain.
October 15     our newly crowned Grove City homecoming king and queen
October 14     the elusive Henry Buhl library
October 13     I never learned that bit about letting sleeping dogs lie.
October 12b     elbow to the face
October 12     an equine of course
October 11b     beautiful burning
October 11     Laura-Kate with a little fire dance?
October 10     an archway thing... it looked nice :)
October 9     Leigh, Jeff, Anna
October 8     pink jump
October 7     Rockwell (the science building) at night
October 6     beautiful sunsets amaze me
October 5     one more spider for the week...
October 4b     and here is a zoomed-out version of the one below...
October 4     oh my, this was a gorgeous post-sunset...
October 3     another spider.
October 2     spider eating a mosquito
October 1     although you cannot quite see the Son... you can see evidence everywhere

September 30b     bigger leap over same Leslie
September 30     big leap over little frog...
September 29     big mug in a small room
September 28     big star in a small town
September 27     the campus hawk... sitting pretty.
September 26     so I got a little board while working on float-construction...
September 25     Torq Amp
September 24     corn before the storm...
September 23     I haven't the foggiest notion...
September 22     you have to keep an eye on your levels!
September 21     a little bit of hot home made hot chocoloate
September 20     looming clouds behind a sunny admissions building
September 19     mic it.
September 18c     finishing touches (icing!)
September 18b     a big chunk of the OC was involved in the making of these cookies...
September 18     the joy of making cookies
September 17     party around the table!
September 16b     this adorable little girl found an alternate use for that appliance
September 16     a vegetable steamer
September 15     teapot
September 14     fog over wolf creek... and some very bright lights
September 13     oh the power of the toes...
September 12     my name is Jeff and I do not endorse this message
September 11     ok, one more from the skies.
September 10     the sun goes down over the football field
September 9     grove city attempts to stop Carnegie Melon
September 8     sunset reflecting off the windows of Rockwell
September 7a     there we go!
September 7     some fuel for the fire...
September 6     sun shining through the clouds... taken from a less conventional angle
September 5     I imagine this will be my last shot from Princeton for quite awhile...
September 4     super Bella!
September 3     some buildings just look neat.
September 2     up close and personal with a live cicada
September 1     a good ole grove city sunset

August 31     the orientation board sets up for movie night on the quad
August 30     a pyramid of resident assistants
August 29     a bunch of... vultures, maybe?
August 28     Pony Van?
August 27b     with his hair slicked back
August 27     a praying mantis...
August 26     Mindy and Jeff are pretty tough...
August 25     Italy represents in the tug of war
August 24     hazy shot of the sun
August 23     his face!... its gone!
August 22     this guy's creativity sounded wonderful!
August 21c     oh!... and this one, too!
August 21b     as is this...
August 21     this is from Franklin, Tennessee
August 20     went to purple door and had a great time!
August 19     down that ladder?
August 18c     cacti
August 18b     rocks
August 18     thorny bush
August 17     bunny face
August 16e     photos to post.
August 16d     but I couldn't decide just which...
August 16c     out the window of the plane...
August 16b     and I took a lot of pictures...
August 16     I went on a flight...
August 15b     same day... a little bit later
August 15     a sunset...
August 14     theres a lump on my right foot
August 13     restrooms...
August 12     these gals are ready for anything!
August 11     the Spirit of Philadelphia
August 10     the ben franklin bridge at night
August 9     tee time
August 8     a click of the heels
August 7b     the swede fell over
August 7     the swede and jeff are grumpy
August 6     sun picture taken while driving
August 5     Cody's got an Airzooka on his head
August 4     a tiki bar at Point Pleasant beach
August 3     crashing waves
August 2     sandy toes
August 1     Lydia J. goes out to sea

July 31     ben's bridge at dusk
July 30     the sun sets on philadephia
July 29b     more of the same...
July 29     some heat lightning out my window...
July 28     little bunny has a secret...
July 27     a hot, summer bike ride wore me out
July 26     looking out another window in my room
July 25     the view out of one of my windows
July 24     a very intense sponge battle
July 23     an excited Jon-O leads acknowledgements with his assistant
July 22     Jason looks cool
July 21     light hanging in a chapel
July 20b     seconds before landing
July 20     final approach on butter valley (a tiny runway in the middle of a golf course)
July 19     sun setting on the chapel, giving it an abnormally orangish tint
July 18     heckacopter
July 17     beware the flying roundhouse kick
July 16     on not-so-distant shores...
July 15     dragonfly on a rock in the water
July 14b     a less-than-stellar shot of lightning
July 14     red-headed woodpecker
July 13     locked and secure
July 12     aerial view of the dam at Green Lane reservoir
July 11     Steve executes a hard left
July 10     everyone wants to leave the movie theater
July 9     rolling stop
July 8     bug on wheat
July 7     tower of power
July 6b     closeup of the hack job
July 6     I chopped down a cherry tree
July 5     what else would you expect the day after the 4th of July?
July 4     mini birdhouse
July 3     this bolt knocked the power out last night (scroll down for whole thing)
July 2     Orion, my sister and brother-in-law's dog.
July 1b     Nick, the photographer
July 1     my uncle spots fish in the pond

June 30     normally large arches dwarfed by the neighboring monolith
June 29     beaten path through a vacant field
June 28     moth on pink
June 27     decorative underpass
June 26     an evening door with an ivy frame
June 25     the enormous chapel at Princeton
June 24c     closeup of this fountain
June 24b     large fountain on campus at Princeton
June 24     small fountain at the Mediterra restaurant
June 23b     Vitruvian Jeff
June 23     the many faces of Casey (unedited photo)
June 22     part of some random lab at Princeton University
June 21     a light in the doorway
June 20     a bottlecap and some sticks/dirt
June 19     some lily pads and such looking across a large pond (or small lake?)
June 18     this guy is sporting a differnt kind of "pic" of the day ;)
June 17     toad with 'tude
June 16d     This is where it happened.
June 16c     regardless, it was relatively magical?
June 16b     or maybe they were playing with him?
June 16     Jeff went out playing with the dragonflies yesterday...
June 15c     a little more lightnin
June 15b     some lightning!...
June 15     I see the moon and the moon sees me...
June 14c     the building across the street from the Liberty Bell
June 14b     apparently The Bourse is relatively famous there?...
June 14     I went through Philadelphia the other day...
June 13     a relatively evil turtle...
June 12b     a walking bridge in Nashvizzle
June 12     Nashville at night
June 11     fireflies under the moon
June 10     my life as an Inukshuk
June 9b     a few instants later
June 9     some other birds take flight...
June 8     geese!
June 7     duck...
June 6     Duck...
June 5     broken pottery on the bank of a creek
June 4     some purple wildflowers
June 3     the top of the admissions building
June 2     good old Rainbow Bridge and Wolf Creek
June 1     the campus hawk swoops by nice and low

May 31     I enjoy the way that shadows dissipate in murky water
May 30     I highly doubt this was the same fellow from May 23... but you never know
May 29b     and it proved to finish quite strong
May 29     this sunset started out showing great potential...
May 28     woof (get it? ;) )
May 27     sorry that its not straight, I was hanging onto the gutter with the other hand
May 26     and I love the "if I don't move, they can't see me" look :)
may 25     you should not be able to get this close to one... even if his eyes are closed...
May 24     speaking of little guys... apparently chipmunks run rampant after finals week...
May 23b     the same little guy en route to another flower
May 23     a busy little bee doing his thing...
May 22     disgruntled breakfast
May 21     wet wheat
May 20     just a drop of sun
May 19     Bus of the Future.
May 18     golden sunset through the willow tree
May 17     wet flower
May 16c     now those are some serious storm clouds
May 16b     even this chipmunk ran in fear
May 16     you can see the scary storm coming...
May 15     that clearance is definitely mis-labeled
May 14     a flowing brook?
May 13     the actual McConnell's Mill is in the distance
May 12     I was appreciative of their safety precautions, but glad that they were unnecessary
May 11     took a trip to McConnell's Mill, a local state park
May 10     a dropped water bottle?
May 9     white flowers on a tree
May 8     Rockwell towers above
May 7     a spring cardinal calling out
May 6     Viva La France?
May 5     bikes
May 4     an excellent tree by the chapel
May 3     its a beautiful day...
May 2     this guy was stuck on his back (I helped him out after the photo-shoot)
May 1     I was playing tug of war with this stick... my toes vs. people's hands... (I won)

April 30     swingin a big stick at a happy(?) ball
April 29c     i just through a log on to increase the sparkitude
April 29b     sparks from the fire...
April 29     burning stuff... :)
April 28b     then attempted to rid ourselves of a few of those calories
April 28     went out for some incredible ice cream...
April 27     chunk o rainbow
April 26     the sun... as seen through some tree branches
April 25     the sun sets again
April 24     a wonderful-smelling pink tree
April 23     two of my college friends just had a beautiful wedding!
April 22     going beneath Tuscarora Mountain
April 21     the instant before the sun dips below the horizon
April 20     The sky, as seen through a filter (my sunglasses)
April 19     Ahh, what a joyous spring morning!
April 18     Parts of this sky looked ridiculously white, where one would normally expect blue
April 17     Oooh, a sunset. I think good sunsets are more common than bad ones...
April 16b     yeah... we're white.
April 16     just couldn't hold still
April 15     Wilson connects with the pitch
April 14     this field of sheep was obnoxiously large
April 13     the caverns... (of a mini golf course)
April 12     had to pull myself out of bed extra early for this one
April 11     dark clouds can't change my mood
April 10     it says beta sigma
April 9b     and Chad finds this rather thought-provoking.
April 9     evening falls upon Myrtle Beach...
April 8     Something was up over here that had these birds spooked.
April 7     I think this dog might be able to fly...
April 6     Another oops.
April 5     self-defenestration for 01:02:03 04/05/06
April 4     oops...
April 3     Jumping offstage (I took this one with the self-timer!)
April 2     the sun was pouring through the clouds... sooo pleasing to the eye(and rest of the face)
April 1b     as were the 5 unmarked (no license plate) identical white vans going 80+ mph by me...
April 1     this was disconcerting sight as I went down the highway...

March 31     early signs of spring
March 30     a lone bird shivers in the snow
March 29     I like skies...
March 28     hanging out with a bunch of solid Canadians after a movie
March 27b     Ok, so we started to get bored :P
March 27     an American and a Canadian waiting patiently at a bus stop...
March 26     Good night, Toronto!
March 25b     Hello, Toronto!
March 25     the horizon-line was just actually a little above the fence here... nearly impossible to see, even in person.
March 24     home of the hamburger.
March 23     These guys caught me completely offguard as I was driving down the road talking on my phone
March 22     a radiant early morning sunrise
March 21     hard to explain what is going on... just notice the cups flying through the air :)
March 20     most of the sky was dark and grey... except for this little streak at the bottom
March 19     perspective is impossible... so you will just have to believe that this flag was easily 40 feet wide.
March 18b     but he didn't expect one to snap at him!
March 18     Jon went fishing...
March 17     the wispy clouds here were just a pleasure to look at!
March 16     sunset through a bunch of bare trees
March 15     at least this water is using the stairs
March 14     it has been so wet here lately!
March 13     brian shoots a 3
March 12     a nice mini-pond on a windy day
March 11b     closeup of the same shot to emphasize the vibrance
March 11     another spectacular sunset
March 10     wow, the blending of colours in this one is brilliant
March 9     new shades (the angles in this one can seem perplexing at first)
March 8     going through the tolls in the back seat
March 7     driveby - sunset on the farm
March 6     hey big spender
March 5     Flight 329 is set to win the race to the horizon!
March 4     same bridge, different angle
March 3     Ben Franklin bridge
March 2     icy railing
March 1     hawk in a tree

February 28     the short period of time when its light out but the lamp-posts are still on
February 27     tubular
February 26     snow sparkling in the bright morning sun
February 25     trees in the sidewalk
February 24     whole pork butts?
February 23     driving into the sun
February 22     a 46 wheeler?
February 21     I need to get a sign like this for the bathroom door
February 20b     until I saw this guy a little farther away in the same parking lot
February 20     I was relatively pleased with my snowy park job here...
February 19b     but my dad and I didn't let that stop us
February 19     after the sun set at the ski resort, the temperature dropped into the single digits...
February 18     foggy valley
February 17     meet Helga.
February 16     score - snowplow: 1... shopping cart: 0
February 15     shoot... my reaction time wasn't nearly as good as it was on January 1st :P
February 14     I'm looking at some random car's rear fender.
February 13     jeff finds an excellent use for the newly acquired greek paraphernalia
February 12     hmmm... my fraternity seems to have stumbled upon the paddle of our sister sorority
February 11     sunset and our good ole flag (because its the first day of olympic competition)
February 10     an inside look at the chapel
February 9     mmmmm, bella.
February 8     Mr. Morrison is the solo star of this excellent window-serenade (he's singing "It's Not Unusual," by Tom Jones)
February 7     takin the noobs to dinner
February 6     golly gee!, thar's another sunset
February 5     believe it or not, there are some sidewalks that cross in the front of this shot
February 4     curses! foiled again (heh, its not my room)
February 3     that is certainly a shattered pilsner.
February 2     i think the sunset was actually quite a bit to the right of these clouds
February 1     an ultra-fine dusting of snow at the base of a tree

January 31     swim at your own risk
January 30     the fateful elephant that made St. Thomas so famous
January 29     the sky really is rather photogenic
January 28     glazed donuts being made
January 27     a not-so-elevated wide-shot look at the snow (and sunset)
January 26     snow blowin
January 25     huge flakes a fallin'
January 24     Crawford gets flamingo'd
January 23     sun peekin over a garage with a DeLorean out front
January 22     a mouse-nest in my mom's engine!?!?
January 21     my dads old audo recording device
January 20     traincars
January 19     same tree as jan. 3rd... look at the difference in water level (and color :) )
January 18     one lane bridge (white lines in middle are my headlights)
January 17     dirty Z34 in dirty spot 34
January 16     reflections of the movie theater in the parking lot
January 15     a fresh dusting of snow on the driveway
January 14     a combination of jan. 8 and jan. 10
January 13     a pretty sweet sky over some swamp church
January 12     a little jumpiin spider
January 11b     tried to capture the instant the light turned green... pulled out too fast resulting in streaks
January 11     a foggy intersection
January 10     spectacular clouds above a farm
January 9     what lies beneath
January 8     reflection of the sky
January 7     wintry tree and blue sky
January 6     if you held a camera about a foot off the road and took a picture while you were driving... it would look something like this.
January 5     fungus
January 4     sun over the bank
January 3     it was not conclusive whether this tree was alive or dead...
January 2b     (but i guess its a more interesting picture if I use a flash)
January 2     I hold the answer to the age-old question of whether the light really does turn off when you close the fridge...
January 1     my own ball drop :)

December 31     moss
December 30     another sunrise.... really bright!
December 29     racquetball squad
December 28     colorful enjoyable sunrise
December 27     shingles
December 26     sun through the trees on a wintry hill
December 25     same set, different time
December 24     an incredibly purple sky
December 23b     more seed-pod things, no sunset
December 23     a seed-pod thing and the sunset
December 22b     ... holiday bling...
December 22     beyond the end of the path lies a red orchard?
December 21     gorgeous sunset as i drive home from college
December 20     ice and frost on the inside of a closed window...
December 19     i tried to take my phone out and flip it open in one swift motion... it landed in the snow...
December 18     resplendent clouds above the chapel
December 17     its coming down at a blizzardly rate! (and you know i'm dressed appropriately ;) )
December 16     this sculpture is obviously meant to depict a startled wolverine
December 15     rob tried to snatch my camera while i was sleeping to catch this sunset, but he did not escape undetected
December 14     Doug tries to shave
December 13     Jeannie and Megan spinnin around in the ice skating rink
December 12     a rather large christmas tree and some fun building-tops
December 11     looking down a pittsburgh street
December 10     pittsburgh as the sun sets
December 9     caution: liquid will eat your hand.
December 8c     this reflection in the train window would indicate that dan is, too
December 8b     jeff is worn out from the events of this spontaneous trip...
December 8     entering Madison Square Garden Penn Station in NYC...
December 7b     that is THE red carpet... (and a snowflake)
December 7     those are exclusive tickets to the World Premiere of King Kong in NYC
December 6c     monkey again... (Jack Black and Naomi Watts are easily visible in the high-res version of this picture)
December 6b     i mentally prepare myself in case they need me to confront the beast
December 6     monkey in the city
December 5     train-spotting
December 4b     just lounging around...
December 4     a few of us swing dancers thought we could use some air
December 3     jeff leads a stampede!
December 2b     evan holds jeff
December 2     jeff holds abby
December 1     steeeeerike one!

November 30     it seems almost odd that when the sun is blocked, the individual rays get even brighter.
November 29     some pink streaks in this multi-tiered sunset
November 28     what a grin!
November 27     perspective is difficult in this one, so use the telephone wire in the top left as a guage
November 26e     after a failed attempt, we quit the super-hero/villain guise and just did what we do best
November 26d     maybe we're more the ominous mysterious bad guys?
November 26c     it doesn't seem like we're doin much good, though...
November 26b     we're here to save the day, really...
November 26     charlie's rejects...
November 25     the sunrise through my window-screen
November 24     and so it begins! (Happy Thanksgiving!)
November 23     this was on the side of the sky where the sun wasn't setting
November 22b     (later in the day)... Oh dear....
November 22     theres a hole in them clouds
November 21     i'm no expert, but i think that lawn needs raking...
November 20     they'd seem a lot more cute/cuddly if they didn't like to bite/claw
November 19     who knew raccoons could climb ladders?
November 18     standpipe?
November 17     these clouds are kinda reminiscent of waves at the ocean
November 16     what a nut!
November 15     wet leaves
November 14     drip...
November 13     down the aisle of Harbison chapel
November 12b     ... then they relax and take a punch break
November 12     the Raging Raccoons steal the stage at the Phi Sig fall party
November 11c     all the pictures i put up are unedited... but i just had to throw this altered version up for fun
November 11b     closer in on that same shot, to appreciate the exuberance of the yellows/oranges
November 11     a superb sunset
November 10     some fuzzy rodent is silhouetted against the evening sky
November 9     the early morning sun shines through this tree
November 8     evening encroaches
November 7     my laptop receives a timeout for insubordination
November 6b     (compare the branch i'm "sitting" on to the one that was by my neck... same tree :) )
November 6     this picture does not allow you to appreciate the difficulty of the tree
November 5     i'm relatively convinced that he wanted to eat me.
November 4     would you look at that?... the sun is setting again!
November 3     he's only 23, and he's got this car?!?!?... nice!
November 2     a radiant sunset on the road
November 1b     i just had to add this second pumpkin shot
November 1     now thats how you light a pumpkin!

October 31     a gorgeous fall gaze down wolf creek
October 30     our intramural football teams perserveres through the semi-finals
October 29     early morning sun on some fall trees
October 28     Bella chews
October 27     up close and personal with a flower (a dahlia?)
October 26     rob and i are having the time of our lives in doug's room!
October 25     a good-sized rat climbing a stone wall, with an apple core in his mouth
October 24     man alive!, that was one large, wonderful, slice o pizza!
October 23b     same idea... different street.
October 23     a fun little experiment with taking a picture down the streets
October 22b     Swing street
October 22     NYC's got LOVE
October 21c     looking up at the cathedral
October 21b     a closer look at the doors, and an innocent pedestrian
October 21     St. Patrick's Cathedral, from the front
October 20     pink flower in my mom's garden
October 19     a flamboyantly yellow tree near the parking lot
October 18     beyond the flames... the moon hides behind the clouds
Here's to 2 straight years of pictures! :)... (i believe the photo-count is at 763)
October 17b     from another angle... (not the most inviting structure to cross...)
October 17     a bridge ablaze
October 16     i enjoy that brief time of evening when the sun's light is a reddish orange
October 15     decent sunset (theres a fuzzy on the lens...)
October 14     a bright and green GCC morning
October 13     a pleasant night sky
October 12     the sun shines bright even through the shrubbery
October 11     toes...
October 10     this sunset was pretty good
October 9     another jeff tried a different tactic and was slightly more successful
October 8b     the reason I went through instead of over...
October 8     shortest distance between 2 points?... through the bushes!
October 7     quite a bit after the sun dipped below the horizon, actually
October 6     furry little chipmunk with his nut
October 5     2 yellow jackets attempt to climb on each other in order to fly out of my orange soda... both fail.
October 4b     apparently... not THAT much
October 4     just how much weight can a scooter hold?!?!
October 3     believe it or not... that float won us $400 in the homecoming parade! (2nd place)
October 2     adorable little girl tackles/tickles my friend
October 1b     the homecoming queen and i (she's still in shock :) )
October 1     Becca's more surprised than anyone that she got crowned Homecoming Queen :)

September 30     some sky and clouds on a windy fall afternoon
September 29     a little spider hangin from the ceiling...
September 28     there must be something incredibly interesting over there
September 27b     another shot of the same bat (on the hall)
September 27     a little blurry, but how often do you get a closeup of one of these guys flyin overhead?
September 26     great friends at the park
September 25     doug and I go exploring in a tunnel below our dorm building(was pitch black before the flash)
September 24     window washer
September 23     i dont think i've ever seen 2 sadder brownies
September 22     i almost lasted the whole bonfire without doing this... but, i caved into my desires at the end...
September 21     theres a fungus among us... and its big and yellow :)
September 20     so i'm forced to wander over to someone else's window for a decent sunset :P
September 19     my view out-the-window is not nearly as spectacular this year :P
September 18     mmmmmmm, berries.
September 17     looking up the side of a brick silo
September 16     how often does the guy on keyboard get an oppurtunity to whip out a rockstar jump? :)
September 15     Jeremy Camp's guitarist rocks out
September 14     this is where yesterday's picture was taken from
September 13     the view down and out from high atop a sizable tree
September 12     mentor group service project: cleaning out Wolf Creek :)
September 11b     i try to get a better view of this beautiful creature, but he takes off before i can take an in-focus picture
September 11     a brilliant hawk lands atop my dorm building
September 10     not positive, but i think this is a recently emptied cocoon
September 9     some apples and a sun about to set
September 8     yet another invader to our dorm room
September 7     a retired rock quarry now filled with water
September 6     mike flips in a breakdancing competition. the crowd goes wild :)
September 5     POW!
September 4     2 half-kegs in my trunk
September 3     the sun shines through the gothic tower of our science building
September 2     sparks
September 1     i think this is too early to be called a sunset... but its still an amazing sky

August 31     theres a little bit of confusion down on the farm.
August 30     not sure what exactly he is trying to accomplish here...
August 29     this guy wasn't quite within chomping range
August 28     i certainly did not know that making cotton candy could be so ridiculously fun! (displayed here is one of my better ones)
August 27     mmmmm, monitor.
August 26     Oh santa...
August 25     that desktop computer is about to be airborn.
August 24     this was a printer.
August 23     a 1973 MG B
August 22     they say he was just after my sugar, but I think he wanted my caffeine
August 21c     the adventurer enjoys the fruits of his labor
August 21b     he rises to the occasion while keeping his eyes on the prize
August 21     this little guy confronts his obstacle head on...
August 20     Farmall
August 19     a cicada
August 18     this bolt totally overwhelmed the camera, and my eyes
August 17     some neat lookin clouds
August 16     a much more typical lightning bolt
August 15     wow...
August 14     jeff drives by and kicks up a lil water
August 13     defenestration 05
August 12     zoom zoom zoom...
August 11     Philly skyline
August 10     the beach.
August 9     enjoyin a big juicy pickle on the beach... doesn't get much better than that :)
August 8     it wouldn't fit, but Joe gets an A for effort
August 7     a closeup of that butterfly
August 6     swallowtail flutterby
August 5     stay away from the business end of these guys
August 4     don't be afraid of change... its part of life
August 3     dark pinkish-orange sunset (someone give me a better word for this shade of pink, and i'll change it :) )
August 2     clouds of the amazing variety
August 1b     a bloody shard of glass extracted from my foot.
August 1     1 popcorn kernel(@ 250degrees) + 2 small second degree burns + batman = 1 styling neck

July 31     closeup of a rather orange flower
July 30     an excellent sunrise (through my window screen)
July 29b     and this is the same evening... 20 minutes later (I found it surprisingly different looking)
July 29     wow, this sunset was incredible
July 28     oil on pavement
July 27     its not product placement if they don't pay me :p
July 26     drove by this guy on my way home from work
July 25     chances are pretty good that this is a sunset.
July 24     some blue sky and fun clouds
July 23     yup, its another butterfly
July 22     exact same sunset... minutes later
July 21     a pink sun dips into the horizon
July 20     he was just sitting there on the doorstep waiting for me.
July 19     I always thought the wings of a butterfly were completely opaque
July 18     monster horsefly
July 17     mmmmmm, fuzzy plants.
July 16     and then i pointed my camera right at the sun.
July 15     a little bit of a LAN party goin on (7 separate computers in that pic)
July 14b     dual exhaust = twice the fun
July 14     mine.
July 13     is it just opening up or dying?
July 12     Peppercorn Pub: I hear they have good wings...
July 11     afternoon sky with storm approaching
July 10     the cloud shapes/textures were spectacular in this sunset
July 9     i love the contrast of colors in the sky
July 8     this dog just kept biting at the water he splashed in front of him... he couldnt be happier
July 7     a monarch flutterby
July 6     a little bit of them pyrotechnics
July 5     toilet on the curb
July 4     that would be a broom sticking out of the wall... about 15 feet up
July 3     wild upside-down lilies
July 2     up a pine tree
July 1     eeyyuck! poor leaves...

June 30     a shot through trees of the sun as it continues its descent
June 29     a very early morning shot of the moon
June 28     and yet again... the sun is ready to dip below the horizon
June 27     oh man, am i ever excited about this big cookie!
June 26     foggy dawn
June 25     huh?!... someone should really take a look at those pipes
June 24     2 cops eyeing the donuts at Wawa (blurry because i felt it would be wise to turn off the flash)
June 23     ever go through the drive thru backwards?
June 22     some purple flower with water fallin behind
June 21     i believe this little red guy is a Clover Mite (they grow to be 1/30 of an inch long)
June 20     a little yellow flower
June 19     I love this section of road... its almost like a natural tunnel
June 18     ah, caught some fireworks from atop my taurus at the milford carnival (the bright spot is the moon)
June 17     the sun does its thing.
June 16     wow... look at those nice green plants... thats obviously what i'm photographing.
June 15     water and rocks in a creek
June 14     got 7.2 megapixels worth of new camera (old one died and was under warranty)
June 13     our freshly built creations peer over the edge in front of some monument?
June 12     some fancy clock on the street
June 11     awww, bella.
June 10     I'm so full...
June 9     a bucket o frenchity fries
June 8     the joy of napkins
June 7     Pickles steak house
June 6     i liked the reflection in the sunglasses here
June 5     the bridesmaid's bouquets
June 4     a shiny metal vase
June 3     I do like them sunsets.
June 2     I like it much better when I'm the one following them
June 1     some sort of sunset

May 31     its an archipelago in the sky
May 30     a rainbow and 2 co-workers enjoying it (we picked a good time to take the trash out)
May 29     creek
May 28     a pleasant pre-sunset over a parking lot
May 27     fuzzy bee
May 26     the clouds make this picture seem as if it was taken on an angle
May 25     a foggy field at dawn
May 24     the mother of 10 scurries by...
May 23     2 families of ducks passing by... 16 babies and 2 mothers
May 22     a fleeting rainbow above Lowe's
May 21     my sister and bro-in-law playing with their new toy
May 20     didn't see that picture coming in time to react... or did i?
May 19     a burning bush from an elevated perspective
May 18     a friendly duck at lake nockamixon
May 17     jeremy poses with said pigeon
May 16     reflection of a pigeon on a van
May 15     haha, a great welcome sign at a pizza shop
May 14     the creek down at milford park
May 13     as i gaze down pinchalong road
May 12     the drive home from school is full of gorgeous scenery
May 11     new growth on a branch (a high-up branch ;) )
May 10     they fly through the air with the greatest of ease
May 9     a gazebo full of friends
May 8     a nice flowery tree (took this one by request)
May 7     yup... found me another sunset this evenin
May 6     immediately after the sun dipped below the horizon
May 5     now thats how you eat.
May 4     a carnation on the table in the cafeteria
May 3     the sun brilliantly peeks through the dark and stormy clouds
May 2     plucked...
May 1     it came from above... (and i got too a little too close)

April 30     the things i do for my suitemates...
April 29     it was pretty dark all day, but the sun did poke out for a bit
April 28     ah, the sky never gets boring
April 27     the joys of a partly cloudy afternoon
April 26     these clouds are seemingly beautifully painted into the sky with delicate finesse
April 25b         moments after tragedy befell my fresh, new, out-of-season friend....
April 25     snow-covered flowers on a tree
April 24b         (4 hours later) and some of it actually stuck!
April 24     Believe it or not... thats snow falling, and the picture was taken today
April 23     a cloudless spring sunrise
April 22     a little blurry, but the clouds are still great
April 21     are you the walrus?
April 20     a setting sun
April 19     there was a rainbow yesterday that made a complete circle around the sun
April 18     trot trot trot...
April 17     a more appealing (to me) green tree (weepin willer)
April 16     a nicely pink tree
April 15     petals
April 14     a good 20 minutes after the sun's dipped below the horizon
April 13     mr. gorilla is ignoring you...
April 12     so that's where i'm supposed to keep my choir folder...
April 11     just hangin around
April 10     the sun goes down between the branches
April 9     spring's coming!
April 9b         traffic cone and the sun
April 8     aye! thar be a sunset!
April 7     this was this week.... we've had real crazy weather
April 6     the few, the proud... the physics majors who went to the zoo
April 5     some highly enjoyable clouds
April 4     Llama with an attitude
April 3     this elephant chewed on that chain for a good 4 minutes
April 2     bet this guy feels like his life is goin down the drain...
April 1     a partly cloudy spring afternoon

March 31     so he huffed and he puffed, and... woah!
March 30     haha, you've got egg on your monitor
March 29     thorny twig: in focus... everything else: not so lucky... (or maybe its the other way around?)
March 28     a relatively enjoyable sunset
March 27     a sweet ride
March 26     wow, look at all the different types of clouds in this one
March 25     this cat really knows how to lounge
March 24     hark! I awaketh to an early morning dusting of the field
March 23     the highest point on 80 east of the Mississippi
March 22     another large-looking sun sitting on the horizon
March 21     a comforting advisory to ponder as one drives below
March 20     Bella sits properly with her paws crossed
March 19     So, do the unattractive tomatoes taste better or worse?
March 18     but... how?
March 17     thats a big setting sun
March 16     same sunset as yesterday... different part of campus
March 15     This sky was simply gorgeous
March 14     Only you can prevent forest fires!
March 13     another sunset... you'd think this was a regular event around here or something...
March 12     The snow can even make a drainage grate/vent/whatever look pretty
March 11     What happens when you defenestrate an office chair?
March 10     wintry window
March 9     just another evening sky
March 8     stranded
March 7     the SAC from a different angle
March 6     the sun pokes out once more before disappearing
March 5     Laser radiation warning
March 4     its always beatufiful when the sun peeks through the clouds like this :)
March 3     the result of playing with polarizers and an overhead projector in a physics lab :)
March 2     bright sun (redundant?) on a snowy afternoon
March 1     it was almost as if they were all anxiously waiting for me to do something :) (besides take their picture)

February 28     Team Lift... for your safety.
February 27     a machine/vehicle used to uproot large trees (i only know because that guy told me :) )
February 26     winter afternoon, sun threatening to set
February 25     da bears (singular)
February 24     American Standard
February 23     a snow-dusted night
February 22     3 different types of footprints on snow-covered ice (dog?, cat?, me?)
February 21     Bryan shows Becca the world... shining, shimmering, splendid
February 20     hiking through the snowy hills well after dark... (an exhilarating ordeal :) )
February 19     bearclaw.
February 18     an autumn leaf trapped within a stripped-by-winter shrub (taken in spring weather... while dressed for summer)
February 17     looking up at a pussywillow tree as the snow falls all around
February 16     shoot... I think the sun just might be exploding...
February 15     Chris climbs the corner
February 14     some friends who are in a band together
February 13     bakies... (because you bake them)
February 12     snow-covered manhole cover
February 11     Grove City?! I know someone who goes there!
February 10     Pooh eating a candy-bar in the SAC
February 9     clouds are fascinating...
February 8     some "wrestling?" going on in the hallway? :), tis Chris and Zach
February 7     a balancing salt shaker
February 6     difficult to explain, but thats a mini-explosion
February 5     snow bunny
February 4     fancy looking physics toy
February 3     the SAC
February 2     afternoon sun
February 1     looks like everyone's standing around waiting for a party or something...

January 31     cross with caution
January 30     man... this guy's really losing face!
January 29     using liquid nitrogen to make home-made ice cream... twas tasty!
January 28     winter afternoon
January 27     our sweet suite
January 26     Pooh recites an animated dinner-time proposal...
January 25     Everyone goes to pizza joes
January 24     A Calvin&Hobbes-esque snow scene brought to life :)
January 23c         That guy really knows how to leave an impression...
January 23b         a slightly more comfortable position
January 23     what exactly would possess one to do this?
January 22     Roar!
January 21     flock o geese
January 20     yup... definitely winter
January 19     butter melting in home-made tomato soup
January 18     mmmmm, beautiful evening sky
January 17     aye, tis a tunnel
January 16     a very very cold little mini-creek
January 15     looked like the sky was on fire in this parking lot
January 14     my dog sitting on my sister's cat's tail :)... good dog.
January 13     Terminal D
January 12     huge snowflakes fallin :)
January 11     driveby - a partly cloudy afternoon sky
January 10     this appears to be the makings of a sunset...
January 9     moo
January 8     deflating pumpkins
January 7     the pond at my sister's house
January 6     a bit o moss
January 5     bottle of seltzer water + baseball bat = :)
January 4     stonewall jackson (minus the jackson)
January 3     that would be a UPS truck...
January 2     an excellent little sunset
January 1     rob demonstrates his late-night trampolining skills with onlooking spectators

December 31     my brother's ak-47 :) (don't worry, its not loaded)
December 30     my sister's 2 kittens playing together
December 29     close-up from under the christmas tree
December 28     neptune
December 27     pink late-afternoon sky in my backyard
December 26     2 cardinals and a blue jay
December 25     Christmas M and M's
December 24     driveby - this building took some major wind damage today
December 23     a thoughtful gift from nick to brian
December 22     and a sunrise again
December 21     a hint of pink across the quad
December 20     an excellent street name :)
December 19     winter sunrise
December 18     an evening sky
December 17     another picture of the amazing OB Academic Committee :)
December 16     behold the power of static electricity :)
December 15     a bright snowy morning
December 14     hey... we're finally starting to get some decent snow around here! :)
December 13     hmmm, its almost like a footprint... in the snow...
December 12     we've got bragging rights on GCC's first snowman of the season
December 11     maybe this snow will finally amount to something?
December 10     this sun is quite visible through the clouds
December 9     awww, look at the festive lamp-post :)
December 8     a very grey sunset...
December 7     ice cream?... in the oven.
December 6     Squish...
December 5     a beautiful sunset
December 4     who knew we had a creek going past our mailbox?
December 3     reflection on the minivan
December 2     wispy clouds on a blue sky...
December 1     I like the way that little man's running

November 30     that worm's at least a foot long! ;)
November 29     I could see my house from up there! ;)
November 28     this is the earliest we've ever gotten a christmas tree!
November 27     that bag's ready to go out for recycling...
November 26     these clouds are beautiful :)
November 25     my sister's cat... mid-leap
November 24     a "Big Ben Brownie"... I'd say that it is sufficiently Ultra-Huge!
November 23     just your everyday worm on the driveway
November 22     4 feet in a car...
November 21     Intramural Badminton... huzzah! :)
November 20     friends and i at "rock and glow" midnight bowling :)
November 19     mayday! mayday!
November 18     see if you can spot the smiley face on the road :)
November 17     assault and battery.
November 16c     the glorious Tim Horton's...
November 16b     I found my true calling in life...
November 16     I always obey all posted signs...
November 15c     Its SOOO common to see rainbows there :)
November 15b     Niagara Falls, Canadian side
November 15     Pat, Megan, Jeanne, and I chillin (literally) in canada
November 14c     the US side, at night... wow!
November 14b     Niagara falls, isn't canada wonderful!? :)
November 14     Getting a better view of the falls...
November 13     a little flock of birds in a tree... (most facing the same way?)
November 12     some post-sunset clouds
November 11     today there was a rare astronomical event... a sunrise!
November 10     looking up the front of Harbison Chapel
November 9     i leaned on this tree a little too hard ;)
November 8     treetop battle with sticks!... mine's bigger ;)
November 7     friends on a tiny bridge :)
November 6     I really enjoy the gnarling features of this tree
November 5     Beware the Sphygmomanometer...
November 4     now thats one owned toe... (next to the smallest)
November 3     western PA's got nothing on Wawa! (i went home for a day!)
November 2     not everyone can shrub-hop...
November 1     the shrub-dive: similar to the shrub-hop, but with a different result

October 31     this shrub was just asking to be hopped...
October 30     frisbee was good... :)
October 29     the sun gracefully drops behind this building
October 28     orange moon rising... (a few hours before the eclipse)
October 27     a bit of the chapel through the leaves
October 26     gazing down from high atop(within) a cheery yellow tree
October 25     a beautiful Shrek-esque window on an old church at Cornell
October 24     someone lost their drawers... (well, at least one of them)
October 23     moo
October 22     driveby - sunset
October 21     cueball in action!
October 20     in a suit!?!?... now thats just silly :P
October 19c     apparently, rob would, too...
October 19b     he would...
October 19     he wouldn't...
October 18     never let ping pong get to you... :)
October 17     the leaves were blowing like crazy, today!
October 16     the view across the quad...
October 15b     success! :)
October 15     jeff's trying to get a soccer ball out of the tree...
October 14     some crazy guy out on a 3rd floor ledge...
October 13     its VERY rare to see the SAC empty like this...
October 12     the 2nd place IM Mixed Doubles Tennis pros in action!
October 11c     jump, Roper, jump! :)
October 11b     see Roper jump.
October 11     see Roper
October 10b     it was real nice up there.
October 10     see if you can spot the jeff :)
October 9     part of our dedicated intramural tennis cheering squad
October 8     i'm quite proud of my mentor group, and what i've taught them :)
October 7     check out these clouds :)
October 6     several minutes after the sun has gone below the horizon
October 5     two leaves on the sidewalk
October 4     now that the dam's removed, the creek is pretty dry
October 3     leaves
October 2     i call it: "Man Contemplates Chair Art"
October 1     Fall's here, and the leaves know it :)

September 30     the one and only...
September 29     an orange-ish moon rising (moon pics are hard to take :P)
September 28     I love when the sun does this :)
September 27     talk about a pink sky!
September 26     look closely and you can see the hint of a rainbow...
September 25     it looks like the sky is exploding in this sunset...
September 24     pizza center-thinger art... :)
September 23     yet another sunset that took my breath away :)
September 22     an amazing sunset... the picture doesn't do it justice
September 21     Toe Power! :)
September 20     another little chipmunk. (yeah, its blurry... :p)
September 19     this guy was doing the "if-I-dont-move-you-cant-see-me"
September 18     doug got a haircut (Viewer Discretion is Advised)
September 17     beautiful day... flooding, but not as bad as last week
September 16     took the mentor group to a football game.
September 15     my OB Committee after the Freshmen Talent Show
September 14     awww, a cute little bat i found (inside)
September 13     foggy Sunday morning, this came out great!
September 12     a late evening, pink sunset
September 11     Mentor Group Service Project Today... i got to mow these fields
September 10     the contrast of colors in this afternoon sky is amazing...
September 9c     normally, theres 10 feet of nothing between the water and the bridge
September 9b     there normally isnt a creek right here...
September 9a     theres a house back there thats partially underwater...
September 9     MAJOR flooding today, due to the past 24 hours of rain...
September 8     a super-thin band of storm-clouds
September 7b     after fending him off, i took a close-up
September 7     i slept in my car last night, and awoke to find an invasion in process!
September 6b     Allison and I led our freshmen to a 2nd place victory!
September 6     Viva La France! (our team for the Co-Rec games...)
September 5b     kyle posing mid-air
September 5     jon and i in attack mode :)
September 4     a hazy afternoon sun
September 3b     closer-up... jeff really likes fire
September 3     we had an amazing bonfire, tonight...
September 2     down goes the sun...
September 1b     a close-up...
September 1     I was an ice cream scooper at the Square Dance...

August 31     lauren gives dan the ol' "flying tackle" :)
August 30     jeff likes sky
August 29     here, folks... is some sweet skating action...
August 28     my OB committee (academic!) on the floor :)
August 27     my puppy and her beloved football
August 26     was the 'absolutely' really necessary?
August 25b     fire being blown into said balloon
August 25     the inside of a hot air balloon
August 24     Blaine with a bag of milk...
August 23     the elusive black squirrel...
August 22     these clouds are like something straight out of a painting...
August 21     Danger!, watch out for fence-hoppers...
August 20b     from the boat, from a different angle
August 20     the Canadian side of Niagara Falls...
August 19c     closer up, the falls were extraordinary
August 19b     Niagara Falls, US side
August 19     jason and i... thats Niagara Falls behind us :)
August 18     i guess thats one way to put a cat in a cage...
August 17     yay for friends :)
August 16     driveby - a foggy field at dusk...
August 15     its faint in the picture, but theres a "sun pillar" there
August 14     continuing with the theme...
August 13     silly danger signs
August 12     waterfalls are dangerous...
August 11b     now he's wearing his angry eyes...
August 11     one of my more fickle friends...
August 10     blue-ish green water at a mini-golf course at night
August 9     I cornered this squirrel... and then moved on :)
August 8     a great view from atop this hill in NC
August 7     Looking Glass Falls, NC
August 6c     this was a close one! :)
August 6b     we got out pretty far...
August 6     i took my camera out to sea :)
August 5c     crushed shells...
August 5b     not-so-crushed shells...
August 5     looking across the shallow water
August 4c     and yet another flower (same location)
August 4b     flower at said house
August 4     butterfly at my grandparents house in SC
August 3b     mucho chinese takeout (lens unhappy from rain)
August 3     downpour at Myrtle Beach State Park
August 2     tough guys...?
August 1b     this turtle gave up...
August 1     jumping dolphin at Hershey Park

July 31     Caution!
July 30     choose wisely, young grasshopper...
July 29     yes, my friends... that is a cat and mouse hanging out in the street
July 28     it rained a bit...
July 27     another appealing sky
July 26     somebody likes sunsets :)
July 25     2 donkeys necking?...
July 24     poor car... (thats mud)
July 23     on the sailboat with friends :)
July 22b     a great blue heron
July 22     an osprey nest
July 21b     looking down from the front(bow?) of the boat
July 21     went sailing on the cheapeake bay with friends :)
July 20     mossy moss moss
July 19     this fuzzy pic of a mouse is brought to you by Pennzoil
July 18     my big sis and I eating water ice
July 17     just another nice sky :)
July 16     thats one full moving van... :)
July 15     incoming storm
July 14     heeey...
July 13     i brake for amphibians
July 12     oh deer...
July 11     wow
July 10     driveby - corn and clouds :)
July 9b     squished banana in a tub o popcorn
July 9     squished banana...
July 8b     the same spot 30mins later... :)
July 8     i just though these clouds were pretty sweet :)
July 7     that bee a sunflower
July 6b     same type o thing, different time o day
July 6     the sun peeking through the clouds again
July 5     jeff really likes a good sky...
July 4     mmmm.... beach :)
July 3     some purple flowers...
July 2     a trolley going 70mph down the highway...
July 1     jason and i flopping over the wave

June 30     jeff attempts a backflip in the ocean (scroll down)
June 29     these clouds reminded me of a receding ocean wave... :)
June 28     this little guy just wouldnt leave me alone
June 27b     close-up
June 27     the underside of a butterfly (don't worry, it was alive :) )
June 26     the stage with the sun setting behind it
June 25     skillet rockin out on the main stage
June 24b     creation - closer aerial look at the main stage
June 24     creation - looking out over a part of it
June 23     I think I should grow my hair out like this guy...
June 22     whats this kid doing?!?!
June 21     looking across the field behind my house
June 20     evil birds tried to kill me while I mowed the lawn...
June 19     another one looking out across Lake Nockamixon
June 18     I always love the clouds... these were sweet
June 17     Lake Nockamixon
June 16b     yet another sun picture i liked :)
June 16     a foggy (early) morning look out back
June 15     wheelbarrow
June 14     sunrise through the screen in my window
June 13     the ever-so-noisy 17 year cicada
June 12     i liked the way the water beaded on my can
June 11     that looks so uncomfortable (and no, its not dead :) )
June 10     peeking around the side of the house
June 9     huge sun setting... nice and orange :)
June 8     driveby - not what you expect to see on the road (a tank?)
June 7     driveby - half sunglasses (while im driving)
June 6     driveby - ascending plane
June 5     some friends after work... loitering!
June 4     pic taken through my sunglasses
June 3     storm clouds rolling in
June 2b     it is done.
June 2     my sister with the pets
June 1     another beautiful sunset (in my opinion)

May 31     sky through wheat
May 30     sun shining between 2 steeples
May 29     I'm still amazed every time the sun does this
May 28     despite the effort of the clouds to block out the sun... it shines through
May 27b     close-up of the center building
May 27     looking down a street in Philadelphia
May 26     this ones for all my grove city people
May 25     I was really digging this monster cloud
May 24     extended family at my grandfather's 80th birthday party
May 23b     mmmmmmmm, fire :)
May 23     they let jeff play with fire :)
May 22     happy friends by a happy fountain in Philly
May 21     leaning clocktower of Cornell(... ok so its really just a crooked picture)
May 20     this squirrel didn't know the meaning of 'get away!'
May 19     a lightning illumined night
May 18     close-up of a flower
May 17     happy sky :) (sorry its smaller)
May 16f     close-up of bolt from 16e
May 16e     bright, thick lightning bolt
May 16d     this bolt looks confused
May 16c     lightning taken from my car window
May 16b     somehow, i caught a few lightning bolts
May 16     there was an amazing thunderstorm yesterday
May 15     i'd hate to be the one who has to clean this up...
May 14     i think they call this a sun pillar
May 13     result of smashing a pepsi can on one's forehead
May 12     one of my many-legged friends
May 11b     something i don't see often... a sunrise :)
May 11     chipmunk (squeaker squeaker, squeak squeak)
May 10     lookin over a water-filled rock quarry
May 10b     another cliff diving shot
May 9     he'll be the next crocodile hunter!
May 8     I believe I can fly...
May 8b     rust on the side of a dumpster
May 7     bright sun peeking through the branches
May 6     fun with grappling hooks
May 5     another amazing sunset :)
May 4     patchy clouds as the sun sets
May 4b     a few minutes later...
May 3     gravity... shmavity...
May 2     bed full o friends :)
May 1     chicken fight in the rain :)

April 30     a storm's a comin...
April 29     hint of orange in the clouds
April 28     it all starts as a gorgeous morning! :)
April 28b     those white streaks are definitely snowflakes
April 28c     theres a big flake on my hoodie
April 27     bright happy clouds
April 27b     pastel-colored clouds
April 27c     quagmire
April 26     distraction from work #57 :)
April 25     lookin out yonder from atop my perch
April 24     blades (of grass)
April 23     sculture out of microscope slides :)
April 23b     paparazi shot of a squirrel in action
April 22     isnt my lunch aesthetically pleasing? :)
April 21     pretty in pink
April 21b     flowers make girls happy (don't ask :P :))
April 20     tubular times
April 20b     waiting for rain
April 19     happy little ladybug
April 18     campfire close-up
April 17     fuzzy bee
April 16     purty flower
April 15     red eye'd bunny
April 14     cardinal taking flight
April 13     snow on window
April 12     rocks and water
April 12b     tunnel-vision
April 11     yet another sunset :)
April 10     a few streaks of clouds with the sunset
April 10b     mini-golf teamwork :)
April 9     another moon shot :)
April 8     driveby - silly roadname :P
April 7     what a day! everyone's goin to be ok :)
April 7b     another pic of the car i was in
April 6     follow that truck!
April 5     I loved the sky here
April 4     goodnight moon!
April 4b     Thirsty Kitty
April 3     the sun is on its way up... bedtime
April 2     yellow flower from the side
April 1     this rain is relentless!

March 31     tiny green plant thingies on the rainy ground
March 30     Hark! spring croaketh!
March 29     2 second exposures are a wonderful thing :)
March 28     a group of happy well-dressed people
March 27     rule #1 at GCC... keep off the grass! :P
March 26     Ooooh, :), colorful clouds :)
March 25     rain in the creek
March 24b     close-up
March 24     jungle-esque sunset
March 23     beauty is in the eye of the beholder
March 22     artwork by mwah
March 21     snowy weepin willow
March 20     early bird gets the worm
March 19f     coated branches
March 19e     red bush
March 19d     lookin up
March 19c     branches
March 19b     smokey tree
March 19     ice coated Grove City, and it was absolutely gorgeous :)
March 18     snowy bench
March 17     wow... whose mess is that?
March 16     pretty sweet clouds, eh?
March 15b     yay for friends :)
March 15     OB Academic 2004!!! :)
March 14     peekaboo
March 13b     censored version
March 13     i would like to reiterate that i am most certainly NOT naked
March 12     this was in the middle of a thunder-filled snowstorm
March 11     After 6 months... we had to find a new doorstop
March 10     another peaceful snowy night
March 9     sun behind flag
March 8     a special treat on the way to choir
March 7     the flag at dusk
March 6     close-up of some orchids
March 5     close-up of a shrubbery right outside my window
March 4     just doin ma pullups
March 3     the sky and some trees
March 1     spent a good hour takin apart a cordless phone
(Camera practically dead, used my savings, and bought a new one :))

February 17     look at that tough guy...
February 16     silly canadians...
February 15     ever wonder what 600+ Pepsi cans stacked up looks like?
February 13     epic battle at the pool table
February 12     your generic sunset with snow scene
February 11     radioactive compact disc
February 10     purple horizon
February 9     just a little poolage
February 8     yay for snow tubing
February 7     happy little snow bear
February 6     rockin the Physics Lab
February 5     Pepsi truck

January 15     arm around his shoulder
January 14     snow dusting an untraveled path
January 13     green grass in the middle of a snowy forest
January 12     a spring amidst the snow
January 11     cold ducks
January 7     a branch with some people behind it :)
Januray 6     same sunset
January 5     sweet sunset from behind a cedar tree
January 4     the sky at the post office
January 3     driveby - sun peeking through the trees
January 2     the creek down the street from my house
January 1     nearby farm at dusk

December 31     driveby - another sunset
December 30     baby and her loving parents
December 29     she got the dog too... poor Bella...
December 28     my other sister's new bunny
December 27     driveby - nice highway sunset
December 26     Christmas Cheer! :)
December 25     my sister got a hold of the cat...
December 24     i enjoyed this rusty silo
December 23     the Daggers of Legolas, a christmas present from my great friend Jason :)
December 22     javelin toss
December 21     hercules, hercules
December 20     squeeze me
December 19     mmmmm, ants
December 18     its all fun and games until they whip out the shaving cream
December 17     our very own campus Braveheart
December 16     long exposure with a car going by
December 14     chillin
December 13     Captain Jason spies land
December 12     hard hat area
December 11     sunset in my backyard
December 10     how'd that no parking sign get in front of that car? :)
December 9     note the decorated sign
December 8     my sister's new dog
December 7     ice cream
December 6     visiting my favorite Cornell scholar
December 4     chapel
December 2     driveby - pink sunrise and crossing guard

(THANKSGIVING BREAK!!!... went home and had camera sent out to get fixed... after break, I tried to keep pic of the day going with old pictures i hadnt used.)
November 21     random moped
November 20     bonfire pic from OB week in August
November 19     a sign of beauty
November 17     itsy snowman
November 16     the only non-photo pic of the day
(camera screen got busted... )
November 15     purple sky with snow
November 14     snow plastered to a tree
November 13     branch and sky
November 12     canadian fruit
November 11     berries!
November 9     leaves! and whose head could that be? :)
November 8     friendly vine
November 7     flowers... mums?
November 6     sweet lil tree
November 5     nice sunset after a great frisbee game
November 4     how'd that bike seat get like that? :)
November 3     busted ma toe today
November 2     driveby - fall highway scene

October 31     physics bunny
October 30     castle-like building at Cornell
October 29     sunset in my backyard
October 28     waterfall at Cornell
October 27     my good friend Jeremy just chillin
October 22     Heinz!
October 21     george
October 20     fake waterfall on wolf creek
October 19     fall goodness
October 18     impending crawford
October 17     glory